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Raimo Discharge Valve


Raimo Discharge Valve
for Big Bags

Converts big bags to mini hoppers or storage for any free flowing material such as pelleted feed, seed or fertiliser
Easy to operate
Requires no tools when moved from bag to bag

Easy to Fit

Ensure that the locking ring is completely screwed on to the main part of the valve with the printed side of the locking ring facing the bag.

Remove the orange guard, push the valve through the bottom of the bag and twist it until the locking ring touches the bag.

To lock the valve into place, turn the locking ring until the edge of the bag is caught tightly.

Easy to Transfer from Bag to Bag

When the bag is empty, simply unscrew the locking ring and fit the valve to another bag.

If the bag has not been emptied it may be placed on the ground as normal. This will cause no damage to the valve, providing the extension tube has been removed.

The main part of RAIMO is manufactured to a very high specification and can withstand the pressure of 1000kgs. The extension tube has a practical snap-on fitting.

Raimo - every farmer needs one